1959-2018 Vista Landmark Demolished


Long time Vista landmark, the Vista Entertainment Center, built in 1959 by Bill Harmatz, was a meeting spot for friends and bowling enthusiasts for over 59 years. It is currently being leveled for a Honda Dealership. Thanks for the memories.


  1. The VEC (or the Vista Bowl back then) was built by a partnership in 1959. Bill Harmatz and a local contractor (Leroy “Hutch” Hutchins, who owned Hutchins Concrete at the corner of Melrose and Vista Way next to the fire station) became partners. Bill put up $11k for the land and Hutch built the building for $74k. When Hutch’s wife got sick in 1976, he sold out to Bill.

    I worked a couple summers for Hutch way back when. Both were great community minded guys. Hate to see this place go. http://www.californiabowlingnews.com/assets/021011.pdf


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