2018 American Legion Law and Order Awards Presentation


On Thursday, March 22, 2018, Tri-City Medical Center Presented the 2018 Law & Order Awards, located at the Oceanside Elks Lodge, Oceanside, CA. The American Legion hosts an annual awards dinner at the Oceanside Elks Club, to honor the heroes of the California Highway Patrol, North County, Carlsbad and Oceanside Fire Departments, Carlsbad and Oceanside Police Departments, Camp Pendleton, Oceanside California State and Oceanside Lifeguards, and Carlsbad and Oceanside CERT.

The Program started with a Reception, a Posting of Colors, Pledge of Allegiance and an Invocation. Dinner was served by banquet staff of Elks Lodge, under the direction of Karen Kundtz and Chef Paul Barkis.

The following introduction was given by the Master of Ceremonies, Kevin Johnstone, “The Law and Order Awards has been a program of the American Legion for decades. We feel that it’s extremely important to recognize and honor members of Law Enforcement, the Fire Service, Lifeguards and even local citizens that perform extraordinary acts of valor or heroism. You’re never sure how anyone, including ourselves, is going to act when faced with danger, and yet be put in a position to help another. The majority of the human race goes into flight, freeze or fight mode.

The people we honor tonight have demonstrated that they will fight, and they will also fight for those who can’t. They are the ones that we see running towards danger to render assistance. They are the ones that we depend on to help manage our emergencies. Each and every one of them typically asks why they are receiving an award.

An award for something they do as part of their every day job . . . by choice . . . with humility . . . and pure servitude. They don’t expect, or frequently even want, recognition.

To those in the room that are receiving recognition tonight . . . please accept our appreciation for coming here so we could sit in your presence, shake your hand, and simply thank you for what you do. In a world that is so divisive . . . it’s incredible that we can all come together as one body to honor and recognize selflessness and sacrifice for our comrades. This is what makes your profession great and this awards program so valuable for all of us.”

Medal of Valor
David Moyer, California Hwy Patrol
Marco Lagendijk, Camp Pendleton Lifeguard
Rick Goetz, Oceanside Fire Department
Justin Klopfenstain, Oceanside Fire Department
J.P. Neilson, Oceanside Fire Department
David Pepsny, Oceanside Fire Department
Tyson Cleveland, Oceanside Lifeguard
Victor Dhillon, Oceanside Lifeguard
Nicholas Kelley, Oceanside Lifeguard
Emile Lagendijk, Oceanside Lifeguard
Matthew Mattison, Oceanside Lifeguard
Dieter Swank, Oceanside Lifeguard
Jonathan Hoover, Oceanside Police Department

Citizens Medal for Heroism
Eric Bertotti, Carlsbad Fire & CA State Lifeguard
Terry Collis, Carlsbad Fire & CA State Lifeguard
Aedrian Rey Eguilos, Carlsbad Fire & CA State Lifeguard
Jordon Fisher, Carlsbad Fire & CA State Lifeguard

Medal for Heroism
Ryan Bingham, Carlsbad Fire & CA State Lifeguard
Clifton Martinson, Carlsbad Fire & CA State Lifeguard
Keith Navarre, Carlsbad Fire & CA State Lifeguard
Mike Burke, Carlsbad Fire & CA State Lifeguard
Shaun Lawton, Carlsbad Police Department
Greg Wilson, North County Fire
Bill Kogerman, Oceanside Fire Department,
John McKean, Oceanside Police Department

Medal of Merit
Bob Culbert, Carlsbad CERT
Faye Escomiendo, Carlsbad Police Department
Rhonda Deniston, Oceanside CERT

The final prayer was recited by Kathy Johnstone Chaplain for the Carlsbad Police Department:
“Heavenly Father,

You are The God Who Sees and Responder to all of our Needs. Father we lift Your anointed guardians into Your Protection and ask that You shelter these selfless warriors that protect us by the light of Your day and in the blackness of Your night.

We Pray and thank You for giving them refuge in Your Words, & for defending them when the lawless attack their integrity. We ask that the Holy Spirit carry their petitions for Your intervention, and strike down the lawless that seek their death.

In the words of your servant David we pray:
Oh, let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end,
But establish the just;
For the righteous God tests the hearts and minds.
My defense is of God,
who saves the upright in heart.
Psalm 7:9-10

Lord we thank You for Your faithfulness. We know Your Word is our promise and that You are the Banner of our Protection, and provide safety for the faithful. And so we also pray, Lord, lift the light of Your countenance on them and put gladness in their hearts. Protect their families, and shelter them from worry, keep them from illness, and provide them with all the resources they need, when they need them. Let them trust in You, and find their Peace and Sanctuary in you. For You Promise that:

I will lie down in peace, and sleep;
For You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.
Psalm 4:8

In Jesus’ name, and through your Holy Spirit – I pray these Blessings over each person in this room.
Amen and Goodnight dear friends.”

Other Sponsors- American Legion Auxiliary, Chief Rick Robertson, Individual Contributors-Kevin Johnstone and Bob Noble.

Oceanside Elks Lodge 1561



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