Hop Highway Brew-Off to Support Oceanside Police Officer


Please join us at the 4th Annual Hop Highway Brew-Off as we rally to support our fellow public servant, Osmond Nicholas.
In June of 2017, Osmond Nicholas, an Oceanside Police Officer and former SDSU Aztec wide receiver, was supposed to fly to Las Vegas for his bachelor party when he had an excruciating headache. Extremely nauseous and in pain, Osmond went to the emergency room for an evaluation. He was due to be married in September 2017 to his Fiancé Trinity, who at the time had just graduated from law school and was studying for the bar exam. Nicholas was discharged just six days before his wedding day with a diagnosis of stage four brain cancer (glioblastoma multiforme) and was told he could live for 15 months.

Osmond is now married with an infant daughter. He has moved from patrol to investigations. He says, while he still has his tough days, he is determined to keep living to serve his community, wife and daughter.

Let’s show our brother of the badge, through team work and solidarity, just how much his firefighter family, law enforcement family and community stand behind him.

4th Annual Hop Highway Brew Off
Lift a brew for our brother in blue!
May 19, 2019
Cornhole Tournament 1pm, Main Event 5pm
Indian Joe Brewing, 2123 Industrial Court., Vista, CA

We are also looking for a few more fire-slayin’ and law enforcement home brewers.

Can’t make it? You can still donate, please check the website for more details. www.vistafirefighters.com

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