Out and About with Il Divo


Out and About by Kent Leithold
Ok, ok…yes, I know you might roll your eyes when you read of this latest endeavor. The vocal quartet, Il Divo at Humphries Concerts by the Bay. These four guys are a guilty pleasure of mine. I am a sucker for strong vocals. A good voice can hook me line and sinker every single time. I will admit that they do cater to the ladies in the crowd, but these four guys are so slick & appealing that it would be hard to find fault in their collected talent. To hear a song sung in Italian – let alone operatic – and I am just gone.

The operatic/pop group is made up of: the Spanish baritone Carlos Marin, Swiss tenor Urs Buhler, French pop singer Sebastien Izambard and our very own American tenor David Miller.

They hit every song in the set out of the park while singing in several languages, engaging the audience in a lot of fun banter and poking fun at themselves

(David didn’t realize until mid-point in the show that his zipper was down – that lead to belly laughs when he realized what the problem was). This was their first appearance at Humphries in Shelter Island. What a special place to enjoy a great show.

This was my third time in seeing Il Divo in concert. Love experiencing concerts in a small venue instead of an arena. You get to see the performers. I would rather watch a DVD or listen to a CD if you can’t be close. I don’t want to watch a video screen at the side of the stage – thank you very much.

The guys are as Carlos so rightly put it…’like good wine…gets better with age”. They have been together for almost 15 years now, being assembled by Simon Cowell of American Idol fame. Vocally, they are stronger than ever. Each has a unique voice. The incredibly strong Carlos and David are the powerhouses of the group, but to be fair, the arrangements show off each of the quartet’s talents while blending each voice together to form musical heaven. Holy cow!, it was a great night indeed.


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