All-Way Stop on Main Street and S. Indiana Avenue


Factors such as traffic volumes, pedestrians, accident history and other conditions were considered. Based on the evaluation and the high pedestrian activity, city staff determined that the intersection of Main Street and S. Indiana Avenue meets the standards for the installation of an all-way stop. Staff also recommends that, when the all-way stop is approved, marked crosswalks be installed at the intersection. A marked crosswalk on the west leg of the intersection requires the construction of a curb ramp on the north side of the intersection.

The estimated cost to install two stop signs at the intersection of Main Street and S. Indiana Avenue is $150. Sufficient funding is available in the Gas Tax Street Maintenance Special Department Expense Fund account. The estimated cost to construct a curb ramp is $7,500. Sufficient funding for this activity is budgeted and available within the Fiscal Years 2018/19 and 2019/20 Capital Improvement Program Budget in the Pavement and Sidewalk Management Systems.


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THANKS TO Vista Historical Society Museum for the, A VISTA MOMENT IN TIME photo of Main and Santa Fe A MOMENT IN TIME


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