Alta Vista Botanical Gardens Dedicates Children’s Discovery Trail


Last Saturday, Alta Vista Botanical Gardens held a gathering to Dedicate the Children’s Discovery Trail for Friends, Donors and City dignitaries. It was a beautiful sunny day and the butterflies were everywhere. Ron Holloway, President of Alta Vista Botanical Gardens started the ceremony with introductions from the City of Vista with Mayor Judy Ritter, Councilmember Joe Green and Board of Directors for the Gardens, and now Councilmember, John Aguilera in attendence.


Bill and Naomi Stein are the creators of the gardens. They not only came up with the concept about placing quiz boxes about plants along the trail, but they also managed the construction.

Naomi Stein thanked everyone for coming and she hoped they would all get a chance to walk around and enjoy the New Children’s Discovery Trail.

Naomi dreamed about this creation and woke up to sketch her ideas onto paper and she talked about how they raised the funds and Board Approval to get the project up and running in 2017. She then acknowledged Nancy B Jones (Farmer Jones), who hosts Kids in the Garden Classes with a new theme about gardening every month on the 2nd Saturday from 10-12pm.

Next to speak was Bill Stein who thanked everyone for coming to enjoy their new, fun and educational Children’s Discovery Trail. The first item needed for approval by the Board was to construct a Plant Quiz Box. When he showed the design to the Board members, they loved it and now they needed someone to make it.

Bill knew a young and talented wood crafter, Phineas Jeffries, and he asked him to make the 1st Quiz Box prototype.

After some modifications, Phineas and his father were contracted to make 19 plant quiz boxes.

Bill also thanked North Coast Church for installing the posts, drainage and lots of the plants along the pathways. One of the volunteers helping out with North Coast Church Weekend of Service, happened to be just the carpenter Bill needed to build the four, safe, children’s obstacles that would be installed adjacent to the Discovery Trail. His name is James Felton, who said, “I am a carpenter and I would be glad to take care of that project”. He designed and installed the Wobble Bridge, Hurdles, Balance Beam and he also installed 14 Stepping Stumps.

Alta Vista Botanical Gardens was named to reflect the wonderful view that our site offers its visitors.

Alta Vista Botanical Gardens harmoniously incorporates education, nature and art.

Alta Vista Gardens has developed a new standard for botanical gardens. While holding true to traditional scientific approach to botanical gardens, and providing an interactive, living classroom for North San Diego County students, the gardens take a new approach to creating a completely new interpretation of what a botanical garden can become. As the gardens have continued to be developed, plant enthusiasts have been thrilled at the wide variety of rare, beautiful and remarkable plants which are showcased in the gardens. For everyone else in the community, there are equally compelling reasons to come to the gardens.


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