Carlsbad Residents can get Low Cost Rain Barrel Rebates Offered


Rain Barrel Rebates Offered
Carlsbad residents can get low cost rain barrels through two programs, one that offers rain barrels at a discount and the other that provides a rebate for rain barrels purchased at home improvement stores.

Rain barrels collect water from the roofs of homes through gutters and downspouts for use on landscaping.

“People would be surprised how quickly a rain barrel can fill up during a storm,” said Mario Remillard, water conservation coordinator for the Carlsbad Municipal Water District. “Even though we don’t get as much rain as some parts of the country, a home’s roof has a lot of surface area to gather the water and direct into a barrel for later use.”

Discounted rain barrels
Order rain barrels online from Solana Center at and pick them up at 137 North El Camino Real, Encinitas. Rain barrels are $90 (retail price is $129).
Purchase rain barrels at local home improvement stores, nurseries and specialty stores.

Rain barrel rebates
Apply for a rebate of up to $35 for each residential rain barrel (up to two per home) at More Information

For more information about water conservation, including other rebates and incentives,


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