City of Carlsbad Fire Chief Warns Weather Alert: Fire Danger


With hot, dry, windy conditions forecast the next couple of days, City of Carlsbad public safety officials remind the public to take steps to prevent wildfires.

“One small spark in these conditions can quickly lead to a fast-spreading wildfire,” said City of Carlsbad Fire Chief Michael Davis. “As we saw in the recent Poinsettia Fire, once a fire starts in these conditions, it can quickly take off.”

Davis recommends residents use caution and avoid any activity that could lead to sparks near flammable material or open space, including:
Lawn mowing
Using leaf blowers
Setting a piece of hot gardening equipment in the brush
Electrical work
Using outdoor grinding or cutting tools
Outdoor grilling

Davis also recommends using caution when driving off-road vehicles or even driving on the road’s shoulder during dry, windy conditions. Stopping or parking in the brush can quickly start a fire. When towing a trailer, make sure your trailer hitch chains and cables don’t drag on the roadway.

The City of Carlsbad recommends all residents review its free guide and video series for tips on protecting their homes from wildfires.

The city also has an Emergency Preparedness Guide on its website and a link to sign up for Alert San Diego, the region’s reverse 9-1-1 emergency notification system. The County’s emergency app sdemergency can be downloaded through your device’s app store.


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