City of Carlsbad Would Like Public Input Proposed New Permit Changes


The City of Carlsbad would like to know what the public thinks about a proposed new permit process for groups wishing to engage in “expressive activities” on city property. A public meeting on this topic will be held:

Wednesday, Jan.30

6 to 7: 30 p.m.

City of Carlsbad

Faraday Administration Center

1635 Faraday Ave.

Carlsbad, CA 92008

Interested members of the public may also provide input between Jan. 31 and Feb. 11 via an online survey, available at

Draft Process

Draft permit process

Draft permit process showing changes from current process


The right to engage in expressive activities is protected by the federal and state constitutions. However, local governments may put reasonable restrictions on these activities to protect public health and safety and ensure effective management of city facilities. The new permit process would cover activities meant to convey an opinion, views or ideas, such as a protest or distributing literature.

Currently, expressive activities on city property are covered under the city’s special events ordinance and groups of more than 50 people must have a special events permit. The new approach creates a stand-alone ordinance just for expressive activities and would require groups of 75 or more people to obtain a city expressive activity event permit. A permit would be required for expressive activities using city property, such as the use of public parks and public beaches, and streets and sidewalks if the participants do not follow traffic laws.

Required Notice

Groups needing a permit would have to submit an application at least three business days before the planned activity. Applicants would not be required to notify those living and working in the surrounding area.


Applicants would need to purchase insurance coverage for the event. Insurance could be available through the city’s insurance provider. The applicant would pay the insurance premium. The amount would be determined by the insurance provider based on its assessment of the risk associated by size and nature of the expressive activity.


The city would waive all fees associated with obtaining permit and any costs for police and emergency services needed to support the activity. The applicant would be responsible for purchasing insurance coverage for the event.

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Watch the Aug. 28 City Council meeting where this was discussed

For more information, please contact Chris Hazeltine, Parks & Recreation Director, 760-434-2887


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