Earthquake Preparedness Reminders


If you felt some shaking on the Fourth of July, and even if you didn’t personally sense it, you have likely heard it was from a 6.4 magnitude earthquake in the Mojave Desert near the town of Ridgecrest. The quake is being called one of the biggest in Southern California in 20 years, could be felt in various counties as far as San Diego County and Nevada, and is continuing to put out aftershocks.

Do you have a plan for earthquakes? Does everyone in your family know what to do in the event of significant shaking? What if you’re separated from your family? How will you reunite if local phone lines are down or the roads are inaccessible? Do you have enough food and water in case you need to fend for yourself at home for several days until infrastructure is re-established? If you’ve never considered any of these questions, now is the time to prepare and practice your plan. Being prepared can greatly improve your chances for safety and survival in a major disaster.


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