Escondido Charitable Foundation


Escondido Charitable Foundation

The Escondido Charitable Foundation (ECF) is a philanthropic organization committed to helping the needs of the Escondido community by sponsoring non-profit organizations and causes. In 2017, ECF focused on seeking ways to promote a vibrant, healthy and harmonious community through strong programs which support Escondido youth. Specifically, the Foundation focused on providing safe places where our young people can gain enriching experiences and learn job and life skills: improving race relations and deterring gang involvement; combating obesity; and helping to reduce the number of young people living in poverty. ECF made a call to action to nonprofits and school, community, city and business leaders to come up with creative solutions to these pressing issues.

One of the many accomplishments of 2017 was the collaborative efforts between Escondido Education COMPACT and California State University, San Marcos in a program called “College is for me” program. The goal of the program was to give 200 disadvantaged students the opportunity to visit a university campus. The program exceeded expectations and over 500 youth and parents from Escondido participated in the event. The Escondido Police Department assisted by obtaining donated Sprinter passes from the North County Transit District for those students in need of transportation to the event.

Other programs sponsored by the Escondido Charitable Foundation include:

Esperanza Rising by Mission Middle School students at California Center for the Arts, Escondido
Encuentros Leadership’s Young Emerging Latino Leaders project
Conway Elementary School’s “Robots, Coding and Digital Interactivity: STEM in the Classroom”
Fred Finch Youth Center’s “Escondido Community Wraparound”
Palomar Family Counseling Service’s “Life Skills for Teens”
San Diego Futures Foundation’s “Girls Who Code Club”
Voices for Children’s “Transitional Age Youth Program.

If you would like to become a member of the Escondido Charitable Foundation to create real change for the issues you care about in our community become a member today. For more information, please visit Escondido Charitable or call 619-764-8602.


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