Eucalyptus Tree Limb Takes Out Electrical Lines on Vale View


This morning, August 27, 2018, around 7 AM on Vale View Drive in Vista, a large eucalyptus tree branch ripped off and landed in a neighbors front yard. Luckily there were no cars parked there at the time, which happens occasionally, and the earthquake like sound woke the residents from their sleep. It landed on top of their electrical lines that stretch over the rodeway to the other side of the street.

SDGE was called and the lines were repaired bringing electricity back into their home. Now the resident has to have the branch sawed apart so it can be removed. Thankfully nothing was damaged or no one was hurt. The eucalyptus tress that line Vale View Drive are trimmed often to help deter this kind of damage from happening, which was about a month ago.

It is the Owners responsibility to maintain the trees on their property along the road. Be safe out there and always have trees removed where there are electrical lines in the path of trees.


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