Get to Know New San Marcos Mayor Rebecca Jones


Mayor Rebecca Jones was elected in November to serve as Mayor of San Marcos until November 2022. The following biography was found on the City of San Marcos website.

Mayor Rebecca Jones’ Biography

Mayor Rebecca Jones has been a long-time San Marcos resident and has served on the San Marcos City Council since her appointment in 2007. She has been serving on the City Council since January 2007 after being appointed to a vacated council seat. She was re-elected in 2008, 2012 and again in 2016.

In addition to her role as Mayor, Rebecca currently serves as Board Chair for North County Transit District (NCTD), the NCTD representative on the SANDAG Board of Directors and as an alternate representative to the League of California Cites (LOCC). Her former roles have included Chair of North County Dispatch Joint Power Authority (NCDJPA), Chair of SANDAG Public Safety Committee, member of the SANDAG Public Safety Committee, member of the LOCC Public Safety Committee, alternate on the SANDAG Board of Directors, and as a primary LOCC representative.

As an advocate for public safety in San Marcos, Rebecca is dedicated to maintaining a high quality of life in her community and strongly supports San Marcos youth. Recognized by the Red Ribbon Commission in 2016 with the Excellence in Prevention Advocacy Award, she effectively championed the creation of ordinances to restrict tobacco sales to San Marcos youth. Rebecca has also actively worked to outlaw the sale of the synthetic drugs, Spice and Bath Salts, in advance of state action.

She is supportive of the San Diego County Sheriff Departments’ Respect Program, a gang intervention program for “At Risk” youth. Before joining the San Marcos City Council, Rebecca petitioned the City to provide Megan’s Law information to residents prior to this information being available to the public online, and worked to encourage the passage of an ordinance to strengthen Jessica’s Law.

Today, Rebecca is actively involved in serving the San Marcos Boys and Girls Club as an Advisory Board Member and serves on the Annual Auction Committee, previously serving as Co-Chair. She is also a Board Member for The San Marcos Promise, a local non-profit organization that promotes college-level pathways for San Marcos students.

Mayor Jones is a strong supporter of business in San Marcos and believes that a healthy business base is an important part of a dynamic and thriving community. She is a member of the Lincoln Club of San Diego County, an organization that supports business, and has promoted streamlining city planning processes so that small businesses open in a shorter time frame so they are able to succeed.

Prior to joining the San Marcos City Council, Jones served as a member of the San Marcos Creek Specific Plan Task Force from 2005 to 2007.

Current Term Expires: November 2022

Election History
Re-Elected to City Council, 2016
Re-Elected to City Council, 2012
Elected to City Council, 2008
Appointed to City Council, 2007-2008

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