Help Raise the Roof for the Boys & Girls Club of Vista

The Pre-School room is the source of the water damage

The Boys & Girls Club of Vista has been a staple in the Vista community since 1963 when it was just the Boys Club of Vista. Their mission, “to inspire and enable all boys and girls, but especially those that need us the most, to reach their full potential as responsible, productive and caring citizens”.

The current building has been in existence since 1965. Being 53 years old and having seen thousands of the community’s kids come and go over the years – the Club has shown its age. Over the last decade, they’ve been the recipient of some wonderful grants and donations and these have truly transformed the Club, much to the joy of the kids who attend on a daily basis! The most recent renovations have been transformations of the games room and library.

Unfortunately, with the first winter storm of 2018 and the incredible surge of rainfall in less than 24 hours, the Club’s roof was damaged, in turn causing a drainage pipe to burst spilling hundreds of gallons of rainwater into the Club and flooding about 80% of the facility!

Replacing the roof would cost approximately $250,000 – for which a GoFundMe account has now been created

Help Raise the Roof for the Boys & Girls Club of Vista.


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