I Knew ‘Mariana’ Before She Was Homeless


In 1984, I worked at a salon named Hair Conceptions on the corner of Melrose Drive and Olive in Vista. Around the corner on Olive was a little Bar which was owned by a Romanian gentleman. There I met Mariana.

She told me this gentleman helped her to get away from her gypsy life that she was living in Romania. She was the bartender and she cooked the bar food also. I did her hair several times during her employment at the bar. Then one day she came by the salon and told us that the bar was closing and now she was on her own. She was shocked. That seemed to be the beginning of her homeless lifestyle.

I did her hair for free a few times but she got out of hand the last time I did her hair, so my boss told me I could not do her hair anymore. So I asked him if I could at least give her shampoo and conditioner and he agreed, until she starting washing her hair with our garden hose in front of the salon.

When I would see her around town I always said a prayer for her. She was brought here to a strange land and learned the language hoping for a better life and ended up homeless. Rest in Peace my Dear Friend, your worries are over.

Tina from Head to Toez


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