Kites Over Vista 2019 Has Been Approved


Kites Over Vista
The City of Vista’s Public Arts Commission seeks artists to participate in a public, temporary sculpture exhibit. The exhibit offers participating artists a unique opportunity to showcase original sculptural work in downtown Vista. The goal of the “kites” is to promote art in Vista, and to brand Vista as home to a significant and dynamic collection of public artwork. Winning proposals were selected at the February 5, 2019 Public Arts Commission meeting and recommended to City Council for approval on February 26th meeting. They were all approved. Participating artists, that were selected, must be prepared to deliver their completed kite artwork for installation by May 1, 2019. Congratulations!

Kite Name Artist Name & City of Residence
“Carnival” Randall Art Ranch of Vista
“Love Wind Sail” Corwin Jones of Vista
“Mandella Umbrella” John Meyer of Temecula
“Peace Arrow” Alex Gall of Vista
“We Soar, We See” Moses Muturi of San Diego
“Where is the Present?” Nico Meyer of San Diego


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