Mayor Abed’s Weekly Message


The risk of fire increases as temperatures rise and vegetation dries out.

With more hot, dry weather still to come, Escondido fire officials ask you to look for potential fire hazards on or around your property. Here are some items to check for:

  • Clear any combustible material, weeds, brush, trees or other vegetation (including mulch) that is, or could become, dry and catch on fire
  • Maintain plantings within one hundred feet of a structure. Doing so can slow down or redirect the movement of a fire, and it will also allow firefighters the space they need to defend your property.
  • Ensure that properties of more than one acre have one hundred feet clearance from structures and fifty feet clearance around the perimeter.
  • Store firewood a minimum of thirty feet from structures and separated from the crown of trees by a minimum of fifteen feet.

For further information, please contact the Escondido Fire Department (760) 839-5417, (760) 839-5400 or visit


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