Over the past month, we have individually been recollecting our favorite Moonlight Memories as part of the #MoonlightMemories campaign. Sharing these individual moments has confirmed something we think is pretty special and we want to share with you.

Collectively, we have over 20 Broadway shows to our names, as well as national tours, regional premieres, and films. But before any of that, we had The Moonlight. It was at The Moonlight where we first began to craft the tools we continue to use on and offstage. Under the stars, we learned the tenets that create careers: always show up prepared, honor the work of those around you, and take care of each other.

The Moonlight taught us that theatre is a family. And even though some of us never performed on The Moonlight stage together, we are tied to each other and to you.

The Moonlight continues to foster the same skills in young performers it did for us, but it has also evolved into an artistic home base for many of us to return. It is a place where children experience the magic of theatre for the very first time alongside patrons who have returned to The Moonlight for 37 summers straight. The Moonlight is for everyone.

The Moonlight is committed to making tickets affordable for everyone, which means they rely on generous contributions from friends like us to keep the quality high and prices low. This holiday season, we are each pledging our support to The Moonlight. Some of us are becoming monthly donors and others are making a meaningful end-of-year donation.

We are investing in the future of the theatre that helped give us ours. If the Moonlight has had an impact in your life as it has in ours, we ask you to join us.



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