Mr. Vista 2019 to be Crowned Saturday January 26th


Four young men who “just can’t wait to be King” will compete for the title of Mr. Vista this Saturday at 5:30 p.m. at the Boys and Girls Club of Vista.

Freddy Ramirez, Mr. Vista 2018, will crown his successor at the end of what promises to be a wild and crazy competition. The contest is produced by the Miss Vista/Miss Teen Vista Pageants organization, but the competition bears very little resemblance to the traditional Miss Vista pageants. This competition begins with a “sportwear segment” where the guys dress in the sports outfit of their choice. Past contestants have chosen everything from surfing to video games, equestrians to paint ball players, and don’t expect the usual “modeling” – these guys will dance, strut, and moonwalk their way across the stage. They’ve also been known to flirt with the audience and kiss up (sometimes literally) to the judges.

After a quick change into “datewear” the contestants will return to the stage to show off their style and charm the audience and judges. The final round of the competition is the on-stage question where contestants will have the opportunity to show how well they can think on their feet. There will also be a separate talent competition, which in past years has included everything from singers and dancers to choreographed sword fights!

Mr. Vista and his runner-up princes will be on hand for the Miss Vista and Miss Teen Vista pageants on April 6, and will perform community service alongside their “sisters” throughout the year. Mr. Vista participates in events in Vista including the Christmas parade, Winterfest, Chamber of Commerce events, and the Fourth of July celebration as well as charity events throughout San Diego County.

For more information about Mr. Vista, or to sign up for this year’s Miss Vista or Miss Teen Vista Pageant, contact Laura Bednar at 760 518-4220 or email

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