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In 1992, The San Diego Union and The San Diego Tribune newspapers merged and became the San Diego Union-Tribune. At the time, in North County, we had two daily home delivery newspapers, the North County Blade-Citizen, printed in Oceanside, and the Escondido Times-Advocate. We received great newspaper coverage, as each publication had local reporters who were accessible and professional. Then, in 1995 the latter two merged and became the North County Times, printed in Escondido, with the facility in Oceanside vacated. In 2012 the North County Times was purchased by the Union Tribune and closed its facility in Escondido, leaving North County with only sporadic news coverage, at times, it seemed like a news blackout.

The North County Daily Star strives to fill that black hole of news from North County. We are an online news service that focuses only on Vista, Escondido, San Marcos, Oceanside and Carlsbad. Our commitment to you is a daily stream of what’s happening, so you can be part of it, learn about it and help to change it. We will increase our efforts to keep you informed, involved and part of the solutions for a great place to live, work and play.

With the sale of the San Diego Union Tribune and LA Times announced, there is a degree of uncertainty by their writers of the news. This uncertainty will eventually be resolved or will become certain. In the meantime, we are here for you.

We welcome your suggestions for what should be covered, how we can keep you informed and how we can fill the news gaps that may occur in the future with the shrinking hard-copy publications. Please contact us at for your input.


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