San Marcos City Council District 1 Candidates Positions VIDEO


As of September 2016, the San Marcos City Council approved the move to by-district voting and district boundaries as provided in the California Voting Rights Act (CVRA).
By-district elections select a single council member from a corresponding geographical section of the city, called a district, giving those within a geographic area more direct representation.

Council Members are elected by citizens of San Marcos within pre-determined geographic districts to represent the district and serve a four-year term with a maximum of three consecutive terms. The Mayor seat would continue to be elected “at-large” by all citizens of San Marcos.

The new election process will create four council districts of approximately 8,000 voters. The district elections will be phased in beginning November 2018, when representatives from Council Districts 1 and 2 will be elected. Two years later, 2020, council members from Districts 3 and 4 will be on the ballot.

•District 1 will include the Richmar area and proceed west to Poinsettia Avenue, east to Woodland Parkway, north to Borden Road and south to the 78 Freeway.

The following interviews were conducted to help you get to know the candidates that want lead San Marcos for the next four years.




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