San Marcos Creek District Bridge Project Update


As the City of San Marcos nears construction for the San Marcos Creek District next year, a public outreach effort will help keep residents informed about work impacts to the surrounding areas.

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is reviewing all the construction plans and documents that the City was required to submit. Once Caltrans gives the green light on the project, the City will bid the project out for construction. Construction will begin in 2019 after the City receives and approves bids. Construction is expected to take up to two years to complete.

Future enhancements will include the widening of Discovery Street to four lanes between Bent Avenue and Via Vera Cruz, a new four-lane bridge spanning the creek at Via Vera Cruz, and a two-lane bridge on Bent Avenue, which will resolve long-standing flooding issues in the area. The project will also create a promenade park, and add bike and pedestrian amenities.

As part of the San Marcos Creek District improvements and in preparation for construction, the City expects to clear the area in early 2019. Because the San Marcos Creek area represents a valuable environmental area that is subject to complex regulations and provides habitat for endangered wildlife, the timing of the clearing work will be planned to minimize environmental impacts.

Ultimately, this work will relieve flooding issues, improve traffic flow, support habitat conservation efforts and deliver the infrastructure needed for future growth in the area.

To learn more about the San Marcos Creek District and development vision for the area, visit or call (760) 744-1050.


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