Scammers Asking for Donations for Boys and Girls Club at Local Stores


The Boys & Girls Club of Vista needs your help. While they are always looking for help to serve more kids, they are NOT asking for donations in front of local stores. If you see someone asking for donations, please be advised they are not part of any local Boys & Girls Club and are scammers. The premise is that they state they are asking for donations for the Boys & Girls Club of Vista & Oceanside. The youth will be wearing a Boys & Girls Club shirt. When asked for more details about the fundraiser, they will state it’s for anti-gang programs for memberships at Boys & Girls Clubs.
The most recent incident was Thursday night in front of Stater Brothers on Santa Fe. In recent months, they’ve been witnessed asking for donations at local Walmart’s. Please let the Boys & Girls Club of Vista know if you see someone asking for donations in the club name so we can stop them ( 760-724-6606 ext. 10). Local sheriffs have been notified.


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