Shaping Future Leaders at the Boys and Girls Club


Members are gaining leadership skills, getting involved in their community, and preparing for future careers through Leaders in Training

The Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos is fostering the next generation of leaders through our Leaders in Training (L.I.T.) program, made possible by the Pacific Youth Foundation. It focuses on providing teen members–and pre-teen members in Junior L.I.T.–opportunities to prepare for their future careers while giving back to the Club and their community.

They also serve as role models for younger members, assisting staff with programs, organizing special events, and even tutoring other members.

All L.I.T. members are given expectations and responsibilities to fulfill, with a requirement to meet at least 30 hours of volunteer work per 3-month period. Each week, teens are provided a variety of opportunities to gain work hours by committing to tasks around their Club site and reporting back to their Site Director. Teens are able to learn valuable leadership skills while challenging themselves to be a positive force in their community!


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