Almost 30 days had passed since the election, the political climate had cooled. Deputy Mayor John Aguilera was leading by 43 Votes in the tightly contested race for the District 1 council seat in the City of Vista. The last 2 vote counts had only shifted the results 5-6 votes between the candidates. Shockingly, at 6:29pm on 11/30/2018, newcomer Corinna Contreras appears to have unseated Vista’s 8yr incumbent and current Deputy mayor John Aguilera. Between Monday 11/26 and Friday 11/30 over 66,000 votes were counted county wide by the San Diego County Registrar of Voters. Out of those votes, 371 were tallied for the City Of Vistas District 1 Race. Corinna Contreras received 233 and Deputy Mayor Aguilera received 138. With only 20,000 votes remaining county wide, its estimated roughly 100 votes remain to be counted in District 1. Ms. Contreras currently holds a 52 vote lead. In order for her to be overtaken she’d have to receive less than 30% of the remaining votes. Although not impossible, it appears to be unlikely. Additional results are set to be posted in the afternoon of Monday 12/3/2018 with the San Diego County Registrar of Voters. (Official Vote Counts obtained from San Diego County Registrar of Voters)
Results Posted 11/30/2018


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