Sustainable Surplus Adds Two More Students to Program


August 16, 2017 – Sustainable Surplus aided two more students in its Success 4 Students program by giving them computer set ups including a PCU, monitor, keyboard and mouse.

“We chose two students who are enrolled in the TRIO Student Support Services program at Palomar College,” said executive director, Sue Prelozni.

Students are chosen based upon their need and status in school.
One recipient, Autumn is in her first year in college, and is financially on her own.

Having access to a reliable computer will help me spend less time on campus and give me a stable means to complete my assignments,” she mentioned.

Eric, the other recipient, will be working on his third Associates degree in Fall 2017 with plans to attend
UC Riverside next year. He participates in many campus clubs including the Native America club,
MECHA, Muslim Student Alliance and the Associated Student Government as a delegate since 2011.

About Sustainable Surplus

SSE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to engage the community in environmental and economic
sustainability by preventing needless waste from entering the landfills through repurposing still useful
items for reuse. We support over 700 local educational, charitable, military and start-up organizations
with free office supplies and inexpensive items. ReUse 4 Good is SSE’s online and brick-and- mortar
resale store located in Carlsbad.

TRiO/SSS is a federally–funded program designed to support you in completing your post-secondary
education at Palomar College, and to encourage you to transfer to a four year university. The goal of the
TRiO/SSS Program is to increase the graduation and transfer rates of eligible students and to assist in the
transition from Palomar College to a four-year university of the student’s choice.
Media Contacts:
Sue Prelozni, CEO, SSE 888.780.4416 x 4
Juan Reyna, Supervisor – TRiO/SSS 760.744.1150 x 3678


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