“Time Machine” sculpture to Stay in Historic Vista


By Jaydon Sterling of Randall Art Ranch
At last Tuesday’s City Council meeting the Time Machine was once again a discussion item. The council voted 4/5 to allow it to stay downtown. Amanda Young Rigby voted against it. At the meeting in August she stated that she does not like the Alley Art Festival Steampunk style of art. She also stated that there is too much Randall Art Ranch art in Vista.
Thank you to the 540 people that signed the petition to keep the Time Machine in Vista. Thank you to Bret Schanzenbach of the Chamber of Commerce for the email he wrote supporting the Time Machine. Thank you to Jeffrey Frankel of the VVBA for speaking in support. Thank you to all the people that showed up last night to support and spoke in support of the TIME MACHINE.

Art creates community and has been proven to improve the economy of a community. In 2015 for example ,the arts contributed $704 billion dollars to the US economy. Art is so much more that just something sitting on a street corner or a painting on a wall. Art is vital to the economic stimulation of a community. Art brings people together. Art creates community.
Thank you to the Vista Art Foundation, the Backfence Society, and the Vista Public Arts Commission for working so hard to keep art alive in Vista.


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