V.A.Homeless Programs


With help from VA homeless programs, Mike, a Marine Corps Veteran, was able to move out of his car and into the care he needed.

VA connects homeless and at-risk Veterans with housing solutions, health care, community employment services and more. Veterans and their families can access services by calling the confidential VA National Call Center for Homeless Veterans at 1-877-4AID-VET (1-877-424-3838).

When Mike was in need, he walked into his local VA medical center (VAMC) and found help. He applied for a four-month domiciliary program, was accepted and began to see he had a purpose. “The caseworkers, the therapists, the doctors, the nurses — they all treated me with dignity and respect,” Mike says. “They empowered me.”

When he graduated from VA’s residential program Mike took the next step with HUD-VASH, a supportive housing program that helps Veterans find and sustain permanent housing. In addition to meeting other guidelines, Veterans must be VA health care eligible to be a candidate for these programs. Contact your local VAMC or Community Resource and Referral Center to learn more.

“Thank God that program was there,” Mike says. “It turned my life around.”

Find out about eligibility for VA health care and how to apply by visiting Explore.VA.gov or click the button below to get more information about all VA benefits.


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