Vista City Council Decides to Let Your Dogs Run For Now


Three items were discussed on the agenda at the October 10th City Council meeting. The results of the discussions were as follows:

Discussion Item #1
On August 22, 2017 the City Council amended Code permitting unleashed dogs within South Buena Vista Park and Buena Vista Park and to direct staff to post signs at the park that includes Rules and Contact Information, and to bring the item back to the City Council on consent in twelve months for review.
The motion carried 4-1 for approval. Amanda Rigby opposed.

On October 10, 2017, the first discussion item on the agenda was requested by Deputy Mayor Franklin.
He believes the decision on August 22, 2017 was a flawed process and not enough information was available for the Council. Franklins’ position is to cancel the new policy of off leash dogs and start enforcing the off leash policy that’s in place.”

There was 19 people from the public that spoke, 90% of them were For putting the dogs back on the lease because of safety. After much discussion it was decided that the Council will continue to let dogs off the leash until the issue is revisited some time in November. At that time, after staff input, they may continue or halt the off leash. Only time will tell.

Discussion Item #2
Councilmember Green proposed the creation of a City Reward Coin. The design was approved with one side showing the Seal of Vista and the opposite side showing the City Motto. These Coins would be used by the City Council and the Mayor to be given to the citizens who make a difference for the City. The Council approved the purchase of the Coins with a budget not to exceed $5,000.00.

Discussion Item #3
The report was Approved by Council. Here is the information on two areas, Prop “L” and the expenditure of $6,378,000.00.

Receipts for Proposition “L” revenues were $7,463,296, or 1.6 percent below budgetary estimates, and 1.5 percent below prior year actuals. Proposition “L” expenditures included debt service costs of $5,735,145 and a fire personnel contribution of $1,205,021. Revenues exceeded expenditures in the current year by $523,130, which was added to the Proposition “L” fund balance reserve balance at year end. The balance in the Proposition “L” reserve at June 30, 2017 was $6,118,990. A detailed projection of Proposition “L” revenue activity is provided on page 4 of Exhibit 2. The 2007 Certificates of Participation were refinanced during Fiscal Year 2015/16 and the updated schedule reflects the savings achieved.

General Fund operating expenditures (Exhibit 4) were 5.71 percent under budget, primarily due to salary and other position-related savings during recruitments for vacant positions (approximately $2.4 million), lower than anticipated contracted services (approximately $1.4 million), and delays in remodeling projects at the Senior Center, Recreation Center and other facilities throughout the City (approximately $500,000). All General Fund operating departments were able to complete the year within their respective appropriation with no significant unexpected variances noted. After funding required reserves and designations, there is $6,378,000 of available General Fund fund balance at June 30, 2017. The City Manager recommends the following twelve uses of the year-end available fund balance:
Increase the City’s Emergency Reserve from 25% to 29% $3,000,000.00

Add funds to the City’s Retirement Benefits Section 115 Trust Deposit $1,800,000.00

Monique Court Street Improvements project $500,000.00

Creekwalk Light Retrofit project (transition 35 lights to LED) $40,000.00

Downtown Parking project (add 19 spaces by re-configuring areas) $200,000.00

Rancho Adobe Fountain Replacement and Slab Leak project $30,000.00

Countryside Drive V Ditch project (to capture water runoff) $25,000.00

Property Purchase — 119 Michigan Avenue $480,000.00

Creekwalk Vehicle Bridge Expansion Plate Removal project $25,000,00

Rewiring for LED Lights Various Areas in the City $200,000.00

S. Buena Vista Park Retaining Wall for Basketball Court $5,000.00

Wave Waterpark Upgrades (railings, oven, hoist, wi-fi) $73,000.00

TOTAL $6,378,000.00

Next City Council meeting is scheduled for October 24, 2017 at 5:30 pm at the Vista Civic Center. The approval for Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers will be discussed. See Article in the North County Daily Star about Raising Cane’s coming to Vista.


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