Vista Fire Department Donates Former Engine to Fire Academy


Participants in the Palomar College Fire Academy now have a “new” fire truck to use for training – due to the City of Vista’s donation of a 1998 KME Type 1 engine. The fire engine has over 200,000 miles and has been a reserve engine for the past several years for the Vista Fire Department. The City recently obtained two newer fire engines and placed older engines on reserve as part of its vehicle replacement program.

“We usually auction off the engines; however the opportunity came up to donate the vehicle to the Fire Academy,” said Vista Fire Chief Jeff Hahn. “The engine will be used atthe Academy to train future firefighters on firefighting evolutions and techniques.”

The repurposed engine will be used as a training tool, providing Palomar Academy students the opportunity for hands-on learning with the apparatus, fire hand tools, hoses, nozzles,and ladders.

“We’ve got students going through the program and working on their certifications,” Hahn said. “These are the individuals who are going through our hiring process, and we wantedto find a way to give back to the program. It will be more realistic training and application for them.”

Vista Fire Department
P: 760-643.2801


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