Vista Fire Puts New Fire Engines Into Service


The Vista Fire Department put two of three new fire engines into service at Fire Stations Numbers 3 and 4. The City’s Public Works Department readied the new engines for service. The Pierce engines were put into service in the traditional fashion of “wetting down” the engines from the engine being replaced before crews rolled the new engines backwards into the stations.

The ceremonial “wet down” of the new engine from the old engine, then pushing the new engine into the station, is a tradition dating back to the horse drawn steamer days. On arrival of the new steamer through dirt streets drawn behind horses, the steamer was covered in dust and dirt. The old steamer in the station would be used to hose down and wash the new steamer to be made ready for service. The new steamer would then be pushed into the station because the horses could not push the steamer backwards into the stall.

The Vista Fire Department has 5 Type I fire engines, 1 Sutphen Platform truck, and 3 Brush engines, Type III. The third engine will go into service later this month.
•Fire Station No 3: 1070 Old Taylor Street
•Fire Station No 4: 2121 Thibodo Road


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