Vista Sheriff’s Coffee with the Community


Vista Sheriff Coffee with the Community
Thursday, February 8, 2018
8-9 am
Location: IHOP Restaurant, 632 Sycamore Avenue, Vista
Talk to deputies about your safety concerns and crime prevention tips. For more information, call 760-940-4353

The Vista Sheriff’s Station has been the hub for law enforcement services in the City of Vista and the surrounding unincorporated areas for over 50 years. Over 150 sworn, professional, and volunteer staff members strive to provide prompt and courteous customer service, while ensuring the safety and security of those living, working, and visiting the area. To help meet the City’s mission, we provide a full range of public safety services.

As a contract city, the City of Vista benefits from the ability to utilize all of the Sheriff’s Department assets in times of need. Our station staff believes in quickly and aggressively handling quality of life issues, in addition to managing public safety. Working together with our community, we identify, prioritize, and solve neighborhood concerns. We achieve this by leveraging community, private, and governmental partnerships and using progressive and evolving policing strategies, like Information Led Policing (ILP).

Utilizing ILP enables us to efficiently and effectively deploy our resources. This means deputies aren’t simply reactive and responding to calls for service, but proactively impacting crime trends, using internal and external collaboration to interrupt, deter, or in some circumstances predict criminal activity.

Lastly, we encourage our community to offer suggestions on how we might provide better police services now, and in the future, as we strive to ensure the safety and security of our diverse and ever-changing Vista community.


Patrol Deputies who respond to calls for service 24 hours a day. The Patrol Division is responsible for all general law enforcement calls for service within the City of Vista and the surrounding unincorporated area. Each patrol deputy is assigned to a geographical “beat” area. This enables the deputies to become familiar with the residents of their “beat” and with the problems in the area. The “beat” system is a cornerstone of the Community Oriented Policing concept requiring the interaction of neighborhood residents with law enforcement. Patrol deputies are also active in the community during their shift, attending Neighborhood Watch meetings and making various presentations to youth groups, service groups and schools.


Detectives are assigned geographic “beats” in the contract city and the surrounding unincorporated areas. Detectives investigate cases involving theft, physical assaults (excluding homicides), sexual assaults, vandalism, burglaries, annoying phone calls and other crimes. Specialized investigative units such as homicide, bomb/arson, financial crimes, domestic violence, child abuse and narcotics handle those specific crimes for the entire Sheriff’s jurisdiction, including the Vista command. The Detective Division is responsible for investigating all general crime cases and arrests made by the patrol deputies. If the detective assigned to the case determines that there is enough evidence to prove a specific person or persons committed a crime, the case will be forwarded to the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office. The DA’s office will review the case and determine if the case is suitable for criminal prosecution.


School Resource Officers are assigned to high schools within the City of Vista. They handle all crimes relating to school students. These crimes include truancy, tobacco, drug and alcohol related offenses as well as crimes that occur on school grounds.


The Vista Townsite Community Policing and Problem Solving team identifies and resolves problems of both a criminal and non-criminal nature for the city of Vista. COPPS Deputies perform investigative services, provide patrol support, conduct gang and drug awareness presentations to the community, and coordinate municipal and departmental resources to improve public safety and address “quality of life” issues affecting the citizens of Vista.

COPPS Deputies also conduct directed enforcement details focusing on arresting habitual offenders, transient camps, chronic drunks, persons with outstanding arrest warrants, or monitoring the compliance with the subject’s conditions of probation / parole.

COPPS Deputies respond to crime using a philosophy that promotes organizational strategies, which support the systematic use of partnerships. COPPS involves the identification and utilization of various resources, and the development of partnerships within the community, and/or with other agencies, groups and individuals. It uses a systematic approach to solving problems which can be used to deal with any issue that affects the community including prostitution, human trafficking, graffiti, alcohol and tobacco related crimes. Civil abatement is also an option to remedy traditional problems (ie. Gang, drug, prostitution and general nuisances).


Crime Prevention Specialists at the Vista Station provide the following services to businesses, schools, senior citizen groups, churches, youth organizations and civic groups including the following:

Residential and Commercial security techniques
Internet Safety
Vehicle Theft Prevention
Identity Theft Protection
Robbery Prevention
Crime Prevention for Senior Citizens
Cons and Frauds
Crime Prevention for Children
Keeping Illegal Activity Out of Rental Property (Crime-free Multi Housing)
Neighborhood Watch
Business Watch

For more information or to schedule a program, contact the Vista Crime Prevention Unit at (760) 940-4564.

Learn more about the Sheriff’s Crime Prevention Program

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Senior Volunteer Patrol program is designed to draw upon the experience of senior citizens from our community. The men and women participating in the Vista Station’s program provide valuable assistance to existing staff as it strives to increase the quality of life in the community.

These dedicated volunteers – seniors 50 years and older – provide many valuable services to the community including:

Home vacation security checks
Visit the homebound (You Are Not Alone – YANA)
Enforce handicapped parking regulations
Patrol in marked SVP vehicles
Assist Crime Prevention with public presentations
Conduct residential and business security surveys
Abandoned Vehicle Abatement

Volunteers undergo a background check, receive training to perform their duties, and are asked to work a minimum of six hours per week. Volunteers are always in need. If interested, please call (760) 940-4434.


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