What Do Elected Officials Have in Common?


This past week, I enjoyed a lunch time conversation with Assemblywoman Marie Waldron, and I also met an inspiring young man who is running for the 50th congressional seat, Ammar Campa Najjar. (Just one of the many perks of being the CEO of a chamber.)

Though I may not agree on every point with our elected officials, I have a deep respect for the office and the individuals who decide to serve the public.

What do elected officials have in common?

Regardless of party affiliation, they have an unbridled passion for their fellow man, community, state or nation. We all want the same outcome, but we go about solving issues with different ideologies.

They can be swayed to consider the other side. The news we get on the outside exploits the party lines. However, if the elected official is truly in office to serve the public, they will master the art of negotiation and communication. They will consider the task at hand and work toward bringing everyone to the table to determine the best solution.

One example of wanting the best for our state is the passing of the CEQA Act in 1970. CEQA was intended to create protocol to ensure the environmental impacts were mitigated for new developments. However, it has become a litigious sledge hammer adding millions of dollars to development costs, many of which are passed on to the consumers. Hence, one reason for the lack of availability and the exorbitant costs of homes in our state.

So what will it take for our state officials to get together on this issue? FORTITUDE! It’s time to do what is right, not what is popular.

Rorie Johnston

CEO Escondido Chamber of Commerce


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