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Bill Horn was elected in 1995 to represent the 5th District (North County), an area that spans nearly 1,800 square miles from the Pacific Ocean to the Imperial County. After 23 years in office, Supervisor Bill Horn is terming out of District 5.

The Board of Supervisors is responsible for the adoption of an annual budget outlining the expenditures of all branches of the county on a fiscal-year basis. It also serves as the governing body of many special districts including Flood Control, Fire Protection Districts and the Sheriff’s Department.

Whoever is elected this November 6th will help oversee a $6.27 Billion budget for the coming fiscal year.

The two top vote getters in the June Primary were San Marcos Mayor Jim Desmond with 58,417 votes, and Michelle Gomez, a legislative analyst and volunteer, who received 29,662 votes.

The following two interviews are intended to help you get to know the Candidates for 5th District.

Michelle Gomez website https://www.michelleforsupervisor.com/

Jim Desmond website https://www.desmondforsupervisor.com/

The best description of the 5th District is found on Supervisor Horn’s website. Thank you Supervisor Horn.

Covering nearly 1,800 square miles of North San Diego County, four cities and a combined population of nearly 619,992, the Fifth District is highly diverse. Within district boundaries there are vast areas of National Forest and State Park lands, the U. S. Marine Corps Base at Camp Pendleton, the cities of Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista and San Marcos which share communities of interest such as business, shopping, education centers and transportation corridors, as well as a number of smaller suburban, rural and agricultural communities and planning areas.

Major interstate highways such as I-5 and I-15 provide backbone transportation corridors through the District, while the network of rural roads, including the 76 and 78 State highways, provide scenic routes connecting population centers with North County’s backcountry.

Tourism and agriculture are major industries in the Fifth District, with many of the hills and valleys covered with forests of avocado and citrus trees. Decorative flowers grown commercially, annually paint the hills of Carlsbad with rainbow colors, while cattlemen tend their herds in the oak-studded, inland valleys and farmers plant and harvest their crops. In springtime, wildflowers often carpet the barren desert sands and if you keep a keen eye, you might spot the majestic Big Horn Sheep – one of the inhabitants of our rural deserts and mountains. Other industries, including the Bio-technology industry, have discovered this area as well, with Carlsbad, Vista and San Marcos developing state-of-the-art business parks. All make for one of the fastest growing regions in San Diego County.

Watch Video Mayor Judy Ritter of Vista


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