Judy, Nick or Joe Who will Win Vistas Mayoral Race Watch VIDEO


Judy Ritter has been on the City Council since 1998 and Mayor for the last eight years. She is seeking another four year term.
Mayor Ritter is being challenged by current City Council member Joe Green and Nick D’Agostini, small business owners.
The purpose of these interviews is help you to get to know the person who wants to lead Vista for the next four years.




Jim or Michelle Next 5th District Supervisor WATCH VIDEO INTERVIEWS


  1. Decisions made decades ago by previous Vista mayors, planning commissions and the city councils have created serious issues that Vista’s current mayor Judy Ritter and her constituents are struggling to pave over. We have inherited a legacy of chronic traffic jams in town and along bucolic, 2-lane residential byways because of commuter traffic going to and from business park areas on the south side of Vista. Back in the 1980’s and 90’s Vista’s elected and appointed predecessors thought, like Mayor Ritter does, that business and residential expansion will create a robust tax base and a better quality of life for everybody. It’s easy to celebrate tax dollars in the city coffers but who’s celebrating the stress, the expletives, time lost, gas burned, and the stinking din of traffic that those taxes may never alleviate? Now in 2018, Ritter and the City of Vista have created yet another building boom and the familiar promise of a better quality of life for us. How do hundreds of high density, high rise residences along the same thruways that are miserably choked with rush hour traffic translate into a better quality of life for anyone? Some day our grandchildren and citizens yet born will bring up the early 21st Century decisions of Mayor Judy Ritter, the Planning Commission and the City Council and again ask, “What the hell were they thinking?!”

  2. If the federal government dictates housing if we don’t accomplish building goals, would that impact the type of housing built, ie. might we get more low income housing?


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