18th Annual Renaissance Faire May 5-6


ESCONDIDO- Spring Renaissance Faire May 5-6, 2018, 10-6pm Daily in Felicita County Park, 742 Clarence Lane, Escondido, CA. $19-34

Welcome to the 18th Annual visit of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth Gloriana, to the Shire of Escondido. She has come to pay us a visit, and invites you to come join with her! To pay homage to Her Majesty, the faire is filled with vendors of strange and fascinating wares, lively entertainers, and the encampments of the many Guilds who are visiting our beautiful village.

Our goal is to educate and entertain guests young and old, about life back in the Elizabethan Era.. From battles on the field, to having a drink at the pub, to browsing through our many vendors of wares, or watching the variety of shows; whatever catches your fancy we have available to satisfy it. So come on out and join us in a portal to the past.

Two stages! Kids Zone! Black Powder! Crafty Pirates! and much, much more! Vendors, entertainers, guilds, fyne dining, and roving entertainment with minstrels and dance.



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