The Issue:

Teachers are educating our children each and every day to be honest, have integrity, and keep their word. Are Vista USD board members following suit, or are they succumbing to political pressure?

“The Promise”:

Vista USD board members passed the following resolution on their November 2018 construction bond issue: “(e) The District will promote fair and open competition for all capital projects funded with bond proceeds…” Fair and open competition means there will be no preference towards contractors or workers whether union or non-union.

The people of Vista in turn passed a $247 million bond measure with an intent to support students, and to get children out of temporary classroom trailers and upgrade facilities for all students.

The Vista USD board has now switched course, and is considering a costly project labor agreement (PLA) that was presented by labor unions and will exclude a majority of the local construction workforce. Workers like your neighbors or relatives may not be able to work on these projects because of the union-only language.

Why Does This Matter?

A PLA will increase costs by approximately 10-15%. On a $247 million bond issue, approximately $25 million in new construction projects will not be built if the PLA passes. Many non-union contractors will not bid PLA work, and with a reduced amount of bidders and competition, prices go up. This is Economics 101, and has been proven by numerous studies and by contractors who perform both PLA and non-PLA work.

$25 million buys a lot of new buildings and classroom space! The question to ask yourselves is the following:

Do parents want fewer classrooms for your kids? Fewer facilities, fewer upgrades?

The Bottom Line:

Teachers are teaching integrity in the classroom, yet board members are not keeping their word! At the end of the day, all that is being asked is that board members conduct their business in the same fashion our children are being taught. The board passed a resolution for fair and open competition, and they should be expected to keep their word, not divert tens of millions of dollars to labor unions.

The board members have a fiduciary duty towards the students and families of the Vista Unified School District. They must prudently spend public tax dollars to further those interests. They do not have a duty to look out for or benefit organized labor, union workers, non-union workers, contractors, or anybody else. They must look after students, your children.

It’s time to take a stance! Contact the Vista USD board members and tell them your kids are the first priority! Not special interest groups and union bosses. Please contact them today to ask them to vote NO on the PLA on September 12th.
Vista USD board members contact info:
Vista USD – District 1 – Rosemary Smithfield
Vista USD – District 2 – Debbie Morton
Vista USD – District 3 – Martha Alvarado
Vista USD – District 4 – Cipriano Vargas
Vista USD – District 5 – Rich Alderson