Carlsbad Village, Barrio Moratorium To Be Discussed


The Carlsbad City Council will discuss a Village and Barrio building and development moratorium at its June 25 City Council meeting. The decision to add this topic to the June 25 agenda was made by a City Council motion during the June 11 City Council meeting.

At the June 25 meeting, city staff will present an overview of the laws related to building and development moratoriums. The staff report will be available no later than Friday, June 21.

The Village and Barrio, generally located west of I-5, north of Tamarack Avenue, are two of Carlsbad’s original neighborhoods. A Village and Barrio Master Plan went into effect Aug. 24, 2018, except for parts of the Village and Barrio that are in the Coastal Zone. Those areas require California Coastal Commission approval. A California Coastal Commission public hearing has been scheduled to consider the master plan on June 13, 2019.


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