Council Listens to Residents NO HOTEL on Matagual


During the Vista City Council meeting on Tuesday, June 11, 2019, the City Councilmembers were briefed by John Conley, Community Development Director, regarding a proposed building zone change at 536 Matagual Drive, from Residential to Commercial. Mid-Continent Hospitality had submitted a proposal for a General Plan Amendment and Zone Change on property located south of Hacienda Drive and east of Matagual Drive, addressed as 536 Matagual Drive. At the completion of Mr. Conleys presentation, the representative of Mid Continental Hospitality gave his proposal of the project. Seventeen concerned and well organized neighborhood residents also addressed the Councilmembers. 100% were against the zone change to build a Hotel in their neighborhood and not one person from the neighborhood attended the meeting to champion support for the Hotel.
536 Matagual Drive

Each one of the Councilmembers spoke and expressed their opinions, then thanked the residents who spoke, of the councils responsibility to maintain the ideas for Vista General Plan 2030. A vote was taken and the City Councilmembers advised the Staff to NOT continue with the Hotel development on 536 Matagual Drive, voting 5-0.

Councilmember Green said “Denial of this application represents our councils commitment to smart growth. With the addition of the commercial development forthcoming on the corner of Hacienda and Vista Village, we must mitigate that impact before considering any type of zone change on the Matagual property. I’m proud of our residents and my council after last nights meeting”


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