Dedication Ceremony “Rainbow Bridge” Saturday, August 19th


By Amanda Young Rigby

Eagle Scout Candidate Brady Creasy and his band of merry Scouts, Scouters, and other interested parties spent this past weekend doing an awesome job demolishing the bridge at South Buena Vista Park and rebuilding it into “Rainbow Bridge”. It looks fantastic and I know this will be another amazing and significant thread in the fabric that is VISTA, as we now have a place to memorialize our beloved dogs. My sweet Angie will have a plaque on Rainbow Bridge.

It has been several months since I first brought this to Council for approval and I am so very proud that this day is finally here. Brady and his crew did an outstanding job and all should be proud of what has been accomplished. I was there and it was not an easy task at all but it was very well done.

Please join us for a Dedication Ceremony this Saturday, August 19th, at 9am at the site. I will see you there!

~ Amanda

Amanda Young Rigby
City Councilwoman, City of Vista


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