Dialogues with Nature – Art Show Reception Sunday at 1 PM – 3 PM

Show through September 30th


Group art show featuring works by Elena Borowski, Tony Gangitano, Segey Iurov, Sergey Krivozubov, Catherine Newhart, Irina Ovtchinnikova, Inna Pankratova, Joyce Schleiniger, and Olga Workman.

This unique show features oil and acrylic paintings on canvas and canvas with macramé, watercolors on paper, watercolors and embossed paper, textile art, 3-D mixed media installation, color photography, painting on glass, wood-carved sculpture, ceramic sculpture, and pottery. 50 different art pieces are on display at this show.

This extraordinary group of traditional and contemporary artists have known each other not only as colleagues but friends. They all live and work in North County, generously contributing their time and talents to the community artistic needs, participating in municipality projects, events of the National Sculpture Society SoCal Chapter, and San Diego Museum of Art.

As SoCal artists, they take active social positions by caring about preservation of California’s natural beauty and believe that the spiritual connection to nature is the key to ecological, social, and business health of San Diego County. They set high professional standards for themselves as artists, educators, and business owners. Come to their exhibit to enjoy the uplifting spirit of their works.

All artists will be in person for the reception on Sept 8th. Come by and meet the artists and view this unique show.

Exhibit Chair: Olga Workman
Aesthetic Committee: Sergey Iurov & Joyce Schleiniger