Escondido Is One Of 6 San Diego Suburbs That Offer Big City Living


Is it possible to have the quiet, suburban life while experiencing the taste of the big city? As someone from a premier big city – Chicago – I can tell you there is definitely a vibe that can be missed when one moves to a suburb. Those moving to a San Diego County city from a metropolitan area will notice a difference, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t cities here with their own variance on big city living.

Downtown Escondido has a noticeable difference to many other regional cities as soon as you step foot in it.

The only historic district in North San Diego County, it’s full of boutiques, antique shops, eateries, sidewalk cafes, and other eclectic dining options. It’s also home to John Paul the Great Catholic University.

Centered on Grand Avenue, the area has experienced a renaissance thanks to the opening of multiple fine dining restaurants and galleries. Still in transformation, the city is trying to make it a more walkable community, adding condo and apartment complexes on each side of downtown.


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