Farmers’ Markets Cultivate Flavor, Community and Entrepreneurship Along the 78 Corridor


For more than a century, North County has been rich in agriculture. According to the San Diego County Farm Bureau, San Diego is the nation’s 12th highest producer of flowers, avocados, tomatoes, citrus, chicken, eggs, mushrooms, succulents, and strawberries. The region is home to 44 certified farmers’ markets and over 400 certified organic growers, more than any other county in the nation. Today, agriculture is San Diego County’s fourth largest industry and represents $2.88 billion in annual economic value.
The best way to connect people with actual growers and makers of produce and products has long been local farmers’ markets, which continue to grow both in popularity and size across the 78 Corridor. Each farmers’ market – from coastal Carlsbad to inland Escondido – embodies the essence of what makes their North County city unique while promoting connection, community, and shared purpose between their people, farmers, and small businesses.
“Farmers’ markets are important to local economic development and help create a sense of place for the community,” said Michelle Geller, Economic Development Manager for the City of Escondido. “The cities along the 78 Corridor continue to support our markets, which also serve as the ultimate business incubators and allow local entrepreneurs to test their products in the marketplace.”

Below we take a closer look at five of the farmers’ markets serving the 78 Corridor cities of Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos, and Escondido