Girl Scouts Collect Donations for Heifer International

Judy Pantazo and girl scouts for Heifer International

Girl Scouts Collect Donations for Heifer International
Girl Scout Troop 4371 presented The Woman’s Club of Vista a check for $800 at the club’s monthly meeting. Mayara Swillens and Helena Knowles spoke on making and selling soap and candles from goat’s milk. The troop raised the money by asking for donations and by selling a small bucket which contained three bars of soap and a candle made with goat’s milk, and a washcloth.
The $800 donated will go to Heifer International, to buy seven goats. Heifer International is an organization the Woman’s Club of Vista has supported for several years. This year at the GFWC Convention, The Woman’s Club of Vista’s President Judy Pantazo was given the Heifer Hope award, recognizing her strong support and promotion of Heifer International. Frances Hale and Jill Kilty Newburn from Heifer International and CFWC International Outreach Chairman Carol Spiker presented the award to a very deserving Woman’s Club member!
GIVE THE GIFT OF A GOAT… Ruwaida and Salehe Abdul’s family received a goat from Heifer. The gift of a goat has changed their lives forever. For $120, you can make a difference to another family just like the Abduls. The process: A family raises a donated goat; it provides milk for the family, manure for the crops, muscle to raise the crops, material from its wool, and money from selling its products. In turn, this family donates its first female goat to another family which repeats the same process again.
How can you contribute to this phenomenal idea? A goat costs $120, but a share can be bought for only $10! A water buffalo costs $250, with one share for $25! A heifer costs $500, with one share only $50! A camel is $85 a share! In this way, a family or group of friends could pool their shares. In addition to livestock, Heifer International also donates honeybees, water, cooking stoves, irrigation pumps, and other life-sustaining equipment.
Contact The Woman’s Club of Vista for more information or to donate. Donations in December may be doubled, so join in! email: email: 855.9HUNGER(855.948.6437)


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