Marshall Sylver Guest Speaker At Oct Village Voices Meeting


If you own, manage, or work at a Village business, or if you live in the Village, please join us for a special Village Voices Tuesday, October 1st. Connect with your fellow business owners and locals while getting the latest Village event information. For over twenty years, our guest speaker, Marshall Sylver, has entertained, educated, and transformed the lives of thousands of people. His live shows have played throughout Las Vegas, but now he is calling the Certainty Theater, formerly the historic Carlsbad Village Theatre, his new home. Come to Village Voices to learn about Mr. Sylver’s vision and programming for the newly renovated Certainty Theater. Complimentary coffee and donuts start at 8:15am; meeting 8:30-9:30am. At New Village Arts Theatre 2787 State Street. Village Voices Info »