Oceanside Council Meeting Minutes Medical Marijuana Ad Hoc Committee Recommendations


City Council: Review of 1) Medical Marijuana Ad Hoc Committee recommendations, 2) City Advisory Group comments, 3) Staff recommendations; and introduction of an ordinance amending the Oceanside Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (aka 1992 OZO) and Chapter 7 Article XIII of the Oceanside City Code. The purpose of the amendment is to update regulations concerning commercial cannabis uses and allow the establishment and operation of specified commercial medicinal cannabis facilities only in designated zoning districts east of the coastal zone boundaries, subject to conditions and limitations. The amended text will introduce new land use classifications (Article 4), will update commercial (Article 11), industrial (Article 13) and agricultural (Article 14) zoning district regulations and will modify regulated use provisions (Article 36). City Code Chapter7 Article XIII, as proposed to be amended, will set forth the criteria and procedures for permits and licenses necessary to establish and operate commercial medicinal cannabis facilities within the City of Oceanside.

A) Mayor opens public hearing
B) Mayor requests disclosure of Councilmember and constituent contacts and correspondence
C) City Clerk presents correspondence and/or petitions
D) Testimony, beginning with Deanna Lorson, Assistant City Manager
E) Recommendation – introduce the ordinance
Motion to introduce the ordinance amending the Zoning Ordinance and Chapter 7 of the Oceanside City Code as recommended by staff with the following modifications:
1. Commercial cultivation will be allowed in the A zone as a regulated use subject to a CUP and local license not to exceed 20 percent lot coverage or 22,000 square feet, whichever is less.
2. No medical cannabis dispensaries will be allowed at this time. All references to the term medical cannabis dispensary or dispensaries in Exhibits A and B are stricken. (Exhibit A: strike “NN” in article 4, page 4-15; strike the tem medical cannabis dispensary in article 11, page 11-5, and condition L34 on page 11-11; strike condition L-24 in article 13, page 13-4; strike term medical cannabis dispensary on page 13-4; strike the term medical cannabis dispensary in section 3603 on page 36-12 Exhibit B: strike the term medical cannabis dispensary in proposed OCC sections 7.115. 7.117 and 7.126L.
3. Medical Cannabis deliveries will remain subject to the conditions as set forth in current OCC chapter 7 article XIII;
4. No application for commercial cannabis facilities will be accepted by the City until the City Council has established regulatory fees.
Motion: Weiss
Second: Kern
Approved: 4-1 (Feller – No)
Ordinance introduced


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