Oceanside High School Future Talent: Tatyana Wells


Oceanside High School has a long legacy of producing sports legends, entertainers, along with judges, businessmen and women, and civic leaders. Young people are our future and there are many who possess talents and attributes to lead the next generation. Tatyana Wells is a perfect example, a young woman who is poised and ready for her future. She is enrolled in AVID (Advanced Via Independent Determination) a program that puts students on a path to college and career success. Her favorite subjects include social studies, math, and literature.

Tatyana is excelling in AVID and is enrolled in two Advanced Placement classes. At age 17, she has the composure and self-confidence that many adults twice her age are lacking. She has a positive disposition, a charming personality and a smile that lights up any room. Her communication and leadership skills are so impressive that she is the Associated Student Body (ASB) representative for the School Board where she can hold her own and communicate effectively in room full of adult educators.

In addition to her academic achievements, Tatyana is also a top athlete in Track and Field. On the Varsity team, she is Oceanside High’s top sprinter and attended CIF last year.

Tatyana’s father is a Marine stationed at MCB Camp Pendleton and her mother is a radiologist. Coming to Oceanside High as a sophomore, she actively sought opportunity to establish connections, not always easy for a military transplant. She has been welcomed by both students and faculty, becoming a positive role model for her peers. Tatyana attributes her poise to her mother and her communication skills to speech classes she took in middle school.

After she graduates in 2020, Tatyana plans to attend college and follow her mother in the medical field of radiology and ultrasound. She also wants to be involved in her community where she can develop her leadership traits and help to make a difference.

Oceanside High School has taken big steps to help students identify their talents. Over the last four years OHS capitalized on the opportunity that the California’s Career Technical Education Incentive Grant Program presented and implemented additional career courses as part of their career pathways. With the addition of an Environmental Science and Engineering pathway, students are learning about these growing industries and are doing so on new computers, 3D printers, and CnC machines as well as learning how to build solar panels and how to generate clean energy. Other existing pathways also were able to update their equipment like in the Health Careers pathway, they now have an interactive anatomy table, and the Arts, Digital Media and Design and growing into the new Performing Arts Center. Their Public Service pathway also received updated equipment. Next steps for Oceanside High School is to expand the internship experiences for all students in the different career pathways.