Off-Leash Dogs are NOT allowed at Buena Vista Park!


By N. Jones
Off-Leash Dogs are NOT allowed at Buena Vista Park!
Conversations while walking the trails in Buena Vista Park on December 12 …

Did you know that off-leash dogs are not allowed in Buena Vista Park? “I thought they changed that,” was the reply. Well, off-leash was okay from 9-22 to 11-24, but that ordinance has been rescinded. “That’s sad.” But that’s the current ordinance. Did they put their Weimaraner on a leash? No.

At the top of the hill: Did you know that there were no off-leash dogs allowed in Buena Vista Park? “Thanks for letting me know,” and he walked on with his two little dogs, still off-leash.


Through the changes in ordinances, off-leash dogs have never been allowed on the lawn areas or at the duck pond.

So this yoga practitioner totally ignored that restriction at 10:30 in the morning. And when it was time to give the hard-running dog some water, her unleashed dog was right by the open car door of a lady who was holding her baby and trying to get out of her car. “Sorry,” from the dog owner just doesn’t ensure the safety of that baby and her mom.

It was gratifying to see a couple guys walking their dog, on-leash. They agreed to a photo. They’re the law-abiding heroes of the day


Off-leash parks and trails will be discussed at Parks & Rec Commission meetings on January 22, 2018, at 6 pm in the City Council chambers, on-site at Buena Vista Park on February 17 at 1 pm, and on March 26 at 6 pm at City Council Chambers. Recommendations will be passed to the Vista City Council in April. Public input is welcome!


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