Providing Care for Your Mental Health


VISTA, CA— Lately there has been much discussion around the topic of mental health. And regardless of syndrome, condition, or experience you identify with, VCC wants you to know that we are here for you this month and every month.
As a healthcare center we are fully invested in the idea that health is deeper than one’s physical wellness. That is why we offer behavioral health services for a variety of reasons, ages, and stages of life. VCC offers top quality behavioral health for children, teens, and adults. It is important to know you are not alone and that there are options for you regardless of income and insurance status.
Mental health can have a tremendous impact on our daily lives and sense of well-being. We want to work to break the barriers to care and the stigma associated with behavioral health services. We encourage everyone in our communities to open up the conversation, and normalize the need for support, so that it might be easier to ask for the help that one needs.
Studies have shown an increase in feelings of loneliness among Americans, and VCC recognizes the health consequences associated with those feelings of isolation. The line between mental and physical health can become blurred if left untreated, and more and more studies are showing the direct correlation of physical ailments with mental health issues. It has been reported that roughly 38% of people with severe mental health symptoms also currently report having a long-term physical condition. The whole body has the potential to be targeted when our mental health is unwell. In the largest study of its kind, for example, those living with severe mental illness were found to be 53% more likely to have cardiovascular disease than those without. Even more alarming is that the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease rose as much as 85% higher than that of one’s peers.
VCC is your local community health clinic ready to support you with your behavioral health needs, whether it is a chronic condition or you are just going through a hard time. Our staff is comprised of top quality clinicians experienced in their craft and a support team with a safe space to help you know that with VCC, we are in this together.

About Vista Community Clinic
With eight state-of-the-art locations in North San Diego, Orange and Riverside Counties, VCC provides affordable, high quality health care to more than 66,000 community residents. Services offered by VCC include primary care, pediatrics, prenatal and women’s health, optometry, chiropractic care, dental health, podiatry, acupuncture and behavioral health services. VCC also offers a wide array of community health education programs which are free and open to all community residents. VCC is recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) as a Level 3 (highest) Patient-Centered Medical Home, and is the recipient of the HRSA National Quality Leader Seal for exceeding national clinical quality benchmarks. For more information call 760.631.5000 or visit


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