Public Workshop on Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update


Public Workshop on Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update

On November 15, 2017, the Oceanside City Council authorized an update to the Master Plan of Parks and Recreation. The update is necessary for continual guidance of park and recreational facility capital improvements within the existing park inventory. The Master Plan Update will assess the City’s current built-out park inventory, identify opportunities to maximize the facilities and continue to meet the recreational needs of Oceanside residents within this park system.

Community engagement will occur through a series of three public workshops, pop-up outreach at City events, and through a survey. The first public workshop is scheduled for February 27, 2018 at the Country Club Senior Center located at 455 Country Club Lane in Oceanside from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Two additional workshops will be held in late March and April.

A webpage for the Master Plan Update has been established where stakeholders can learn more about the Master Plan process, access surveys as they are implemented, and find outreach materials for upcoming events: Stakeholders may also access information from the Parks and Recreation Facebook page at Stakeholders are encouraged to visit the webpage and Facebook page regularly to learn about upcoming outreach activities.


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